I took the black orchid that Hannah left on Dexter’s doorstep. Yeah, I have that. [x]

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And Soon The  Darkness — Steph & Ellie.

“Steph? You saved me.”

Rory:  Why do you insist on scaring me half to death every time you’re in town?

Logan:  Well, besides the fact it’s really fun. Well, actually, that’s it, it’s just really fun!

Adam is trying not to let it show. Trying not to shout and scream ‘I WANT YOU THERE,’ but he can’t. It’s Blake’s anniversary with his WIFE. So he can’t say anything but it shows on his face. Between breaks, Blake is too drunk and lazy to move, so he points to Adam to come closer and asks him what’s going on with his sad face. Adam says he’s just worried he’ll lose one of his girls.
Once the show wraps up, he hugs Blake one last time then heads to his event with his mom and brother. He plasters on fake smiles, takes a few pictures; there’s a tribute in his honor, then a surprise video message from Blake fucking Shelton. He tells Adam congrats, that he’s an idiot but Blake loves him anyway.
Adam gets his award, mentally goes over his prepared little speech but his ideas are scrambled after Blake’s message so he thanks everyone, looks at his mom’s proud face and then heads back to her.
And she knows. She knows it’s all fake because Adam’s real smile is so much brighter. She tells him, “he wanted to be here but he can’t. If it was any other day… If it was a concert he would’ve cancelled it to be here. But he couldn’t cancel this. Smile and know he’s proud of you.”
Because of course his mom knows. Of course she has talked to Blake and fell completely in love with him just like her son. So he smiles and hugs her and whispers, “thank you.”